The Dry's Pom Boyd: 'I'm not going to do any work that doesn't inspire or interest me'

Laura Delaney Laura Delaney | 05-14 16:15

Boyd, who plays Bernie Sheridan in the IFTA-nominated series about a a 30-something alcoholic (Róisín Gallagher) who returns to Ireland from London, said viewers are in for a real treat when the new series airs on Wednesday.

"The house is a little crowded now at this stage because Bernie is in there with her new boyfriend Finbar (Michael McElhatton) and all the kids have moved back home.

"In the first episode you see everybody running for the bathroom - and I totally relate," she laughed. "I live here with my two adult children, my husband and a dog. We live in a two-bedroom flat so you can imagine how crowded it is!

"So there's a lot of comedy around that and Shiv, she meets a new guy so he's coming back to the house and then there's my sisters as well.

"There's a party - Shiv’s birthday party - in the first episode and without giving anything away it actually turns into quite a hilarious scene because everybody's there.

"And Finbar, my new boyfriend who is strictly teetotal. So, this whole thing about alcohol and obviously everybody used to drink at parties and are used to having their wine, and suddenly there's a tension. There's a lot of fun around that," she said.

The Dry, Wednesdays on RTÉ One and available to stream on the RTÉ Player

The Dry is written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Nancy Harris (Our New Girl, Dates) and directed by acclaimed director Paddy Breathnach (Rosie, Viva).

Boyd said she was "thrilled" the Element's Dublin-set dramedy was given the go-ahead for a second season.

"We were absolutely delighted that it came back because we really didn't know. There were little rumours going around that it might be coming back. I was working with Siobhán Cullen on Bodkin and she said it to me one day that the show was coming back for a second season. I was thrilled.

"This time we all know each other so well now at this stage. It's mostly the same crew, the same director obviously. It's very hard to talk about this stuff without talking in clichés but it was a joy from beginning to end and everybody was lovely," she said.

Pom Boyd, Róisín Gallagher, Ciaran Hinds, Adam Richardson and Siobhán Cullen

The veteran actor, who has been acting since her late teens, reckons there is thankfully "more of an openness" to playing the part of a mum or granny.

"Mother is not a character description, neither is granny! I do feel that there is more of an openness to allow you [to have creative freedom].

"For example, I was cast as a granny back in November and one of the descriptions in the script from the writer was that she was knitting in the chair.

"I said 'I will accept the part thank you very much but I won't have her knitting - and can you make her a little bit younger'".

She added: "They were totally up for it and delighted to bring that on board - so, that's what's changed. Whereas before, I think If I had said that it would have been, 'sorry, next!'

"I've been acting since I've been 18 and I'm not going to do any work that doesn't inspire or interest me," she concluded.

Pom Boyd: "Mother is not a character description, neither is granny!"

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